Leg and Foot massager

Product name£ºLeg and Foot massager kdl-368

Phone number£º18868561991
Address£ºNo. 1509, linhu street, wucheng district, jinhua city

Nest£ºLeg and Foot massager
Product information

Name Leg and Foot massager
Product size
Massager speed
High, medium, low
Massage Area
Leg, Foot
Functions 1. The latest design that it can massage your foot, shank&leg both.
2. There are 4 kneading pieces used for your foot, hank&leg.
3. You can enjoy the professional massage from the soft kneading
4. And strong kneading can infiltrate your muscle inside
5. You"d like to enjoy the combination of kneading and vibration
6. You can change 3 different modes by yourself
7. The model of massage has 3level (high,mid&low)

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