Basic knowledge of foot therapy

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Basic knowledge of foot therapy

As the change of era with each passing day, people"s views are also advancing with The Times. The"foot massage", the trade in the old view, often with"massage","care" such associated industries. The pedicures and now has become the topic of a healthy fashion.

How much do you know about pedicures? Foot therapy is a kind of non-drug therapy. By stimulating the reflex zone of the foot, it can adjust the physiological function of the human body, improve the function of the immune system, and achieve the purpose of preventing disease, curing disease, maintaining health and strengthening the body.

At present, there are three main forms of foot care in China:

1. The foot reflex area and the health law of ruoshi are the main methods, including ruoshi massage and traditional Chinese medicine massage.

2. The foot acupoint is mainly used, and the foot acupuncture is mainly used;

3. The foot reflex zone is combined with the traditional acupoint, and the above two techniques are combined.

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